“Could you be able to detect if a person is carrying a concealed firearm?”  Not a question I think you should take lightly or pass over gently, especially if you are a student (or, even a parent of a student), teacher or administrator.  Certainly if you happen to be a resource officer charged with assuring security.  Why?

Why?  Really?  Are you serious?  Circle back through my posts for the past few months and you will see a litany of acts of violence against children, adults, students and teachers.  Check out the recent event on November 20 at Florida State University (Tallahassee) where Myron May shot three students with a .380 semi-automatic handgun, which he reloaded at least once.

In case you are wondering, May graduated from FSU and then Texas Tech’s law school. He had been working as a lawyer in Texas and New Mexico before recently returning to Florida.  Apparently, he viewed government as a foe, which is screwed-up thinking, but that is not my point here.


What is my point is that 3/4 of the world is as fu**ed-up as a double date with Richard Simmons and Lady Gaga.  You do not have to agree with me (I’d be shocked if you did), but I sincerely hope you agree that – since our school security system doesn’t seem capable of stopping a persistent nose leak, maybe it would be a good idea if we as individuals started recognizing tell-tale signs that someone is carrying a concealed firearm(s).

  • He may be wearing a coat, sweater or jacket when the weather calls for no such garment.
  • His jacket will be tight around the neck, especially to the side where the gun is being secreted.
  • He will subconsciously index (touch the spot where the gun is hidden) his coat to reassure himself that the weapon is there.
  • If he runs or moves quickly, the coat will flare out (on the side where the gun is hidden).
  • If and when a security or police officer approaches, he will purposely turn the hidden gun-side away (sidle).
  • He will hold that side of the coat to sit and/or to rise from the seat.
  • When he runs or move quickly, he will hold the coat (to keep it from flapping).
  • If he ascends on stairs he would short-step with the leg on the hidden-gun-side because of the gun’s position near his hip.
  • There are other giveaways, but I am space-restricted here.  The key here is that anyone concerned about his or her safety must always be aware!  Trust your gut instincts and, if you are a student, etc. either tell someone who can do something about the gun-toter, or, at the every least, tell others and take evasive action.

Until my next post, stay safe.

The Hammer

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