Three Easy & Safe Ways To Separate Fighting Students

This is Part II dealing with managing violent students.  In the last post, I proposed that mandating that teachers and security wade in between fighting students with the mission of separating them, thereby protecting the kid who is being beaten (the worst), not to mention the innocent students who are standing by watching the bloodbath, is not a good idea.

Hell, that is an understatement, folks.  Bad Idea?  It’s worse than a bad idea.  It is an  invitation for injury, or worse, for the teacher.  Or whoever intervenes.  Well, why waste space.  Scroll back a bit and read last week’s post.  Today I thought we’d chat about exActly how to easily, safely and professionally separate two or more fighting students.


None of these should be attempted without training, but, fyi, approach one of the fighters from the rear (only) and place one hand on his or her bicep and the other on the opposite shoulder.  Now, quickly (a balance displacement will not work with a slow rotation, plus you need to move fast to protect that student from further attacks) either pull the bicep and simultaneously push the shoulder & step with the kid in the direction of movement.  Move him out of the danger zone, making sure to look back at the other fighter to make sure he does not pursue.  Reassure the moved youngster and ask if he or she needs medical attention.


The RSP is designed to be used against larger, more aggressive fighters.  Place both hands on the youngster’s shoulders and quickly pull the shouldders back and down while turning him or her past his center of gravity.  Again, move him out of the danger zone.  If he (stronger, more aggressive, bigger than the teacher?  Usually a boy) does not respond, use your knee against his rearward thigh to distract and then move him.

There are indeed other separation tactics, but I thought some simple examples might help.  Again, loud, repetitive verbal commands and identifying yourself as his or her teacher (or, security) are called for.

Until my next post on student violence, stay safe.

The Hammer

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