Terror Planned for Our Schools in 2017!

More likely than not, since the school year is over (2016), this post will be like the proverbial tree falling in the woods with no one around.  Yet, I am compelled by anger and concern to write it now on the cusp of summer.

My police and security contacts whisper things in my ear from time to time.  These things, are, in the great majority of cases, timely and loaded with portent (translation:  right on time & correct).  One of these things relates to the safety of our schools.  And by “schools,” I am speaking of all forms of schools, including:

  • Child Day Care.
  • Elementary.
  • Middle Schools.
  • High Schools, and, to a lesser extent…
  • Colleges.

Intelligence gathered from surveillance, intelligence, infiltration, and, in some cases, raids of mosques (Muslim) in several locales in Europe, the Middle East, and, to a lesser degree, the U.S (New York City), reveals plans of foreign and even native (America) Muslims (potential terrorists) to attack systematically schools and kill our children.

Fortunately, our intelligence services have been able to sniff out and stop any attacks in 2016.  Well done and thank you.

But for how long can we stop this evil plan?

Look.  I have been saying this for years.  I have posted this in KSS and other blog sites (Action Against Violence).  The easiest and quickest path foreign & domestic terrorists can take to unravel our country and the morale of our citizenry is to attack our schools, malls, Little League baseball games, malls, and other soft targets.

If I know this, don’t you think THEY KNOW THIS?

Look for my posts next fall on how our schools can prepare for this.

Stay Safe in an Unsafe World.  Read my book:  “Super Secret Police Shit That Can save Your Life,” on Amazon.

The Hammer

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