Howdy again, parents, teachers, administrators, teens, and children,  and anyone else in the community determined to do whatever possible to make sure our children and teens return to the classroom in September in one piece.  Physically, emotionally, psychological.  I know the title would lead you to believe the only threat I am focused on is the deadly, recidivistic and violent sexual predator who is locked into stalking, tracking, grooming, and abducting your child to a pre-arranged, isolated and secluded location from which he or she will likely never return.


And, in truth, the “Chicken Hawk” carries the most lethal and immediate threat to children, but don’t underestimate the long term damage a sexual deviant like Jerry Sandusky can have if he gets his hooks into your kid.  Not to mention gangs and/or bullies.


So, any parent who takes on the role of a Safety Coach has his or her work cut out.  So many hazards and perils out there you need to be aware of.




The threats are out there, for sure, so it is my fervent belief that the primary goal of any Safety Coach will be to Spinal Tune his or her children to be at maximum capability if and when any one of the threats above materialize on your child.  Every child has within them the natural ability to overcome the fear and uncertainty that will attend any sudden attack by a larger teenager or violent adult.  Spinal Tuning is a self-defense and subject control training term meaning that the individual is prepared through training both mentally and physically to respond immediately and effectively as one dynamic unity.


So, what are some of the lessons parents can implement to maximize their child’s ability to escape and evade the perils lurking around the corner?


  • CYCLE BREATHING DRILLS.  I have already discussed the importance of delivering oxygenated blood to the brain in order for your child to be able to fight effectively.  Until Tactical Breathing becomes “automatic,” parents should ask their kids to perform exaggerated breathing before he/she performs any self-defense drills.
  • GRIP THEIR HANDS.  The second act your child can perform before or during drills is to grip his or her palm with their fingers, which is a Trigger Exercise to regain the use of his or her head, hands, and feet in a crisis by circulating oxygenated blood.  Gripping by opening and closing the hands or by picking up and gripping an object when he or she is confronted with fear, especially when part of a repetitive training program (by a Safety Coach or a professional instructor) will act as an automatic trigger that not only gets the body moving (after your child has initially froze after being confronted by a sudden and spontaneous close quarter threat) but taps into what I call the Primal Visceral Lode, located deep down within your child, every child.
  • USE “FIRST CONTACT” AS A TRIGGER FOR ACTION.  Teach your child during discussions and role play drills to automatically and immediately “act” when he or she is first contacted or even touched (unwanted touching) to do something.  In other words—
  • BREATHE DON’T FREEZE.  Don’t allow your child to ever glue him or herself to the ground.  Movement, especially tactical movement, frees and liberates the mind and soul.
  • DEVELOP SELF CONFIDENCE.  Always remember this and never forget:  “He or she who does not believe in her or himself and faces an enemy is already outnumbered.”
    • Believe in your child and communicate that.
    • Praise your child when praise is due.
    • Communicate and listen with and to your child.
    • Make courage and self confidence a part of your daily discussions.
    • Maybe using stories in the news, role-play with your children, engaging them in short reminder conversations about what they might do in one or some of those scenarios, always using a tone that shows your confidence in him or her.
    • “Louie, you are a pretty courageous kid, so what would you do in this situation?”


In the next post we will chat about the sequential Child Escape Method.


Until then, Stay safe.



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