IF YOU ARE A READER of this important self-defense blog site – and, come one, what could be more important than the safety and well-being of our children? – you are aware that not that long ago I predicted that “terror will be visiting our schools in 2017..” or something similar.  Folks, I did not pull that grisly prediction out of the air just to titillate our readers.  That forecast came from closely and almost obsessively following trends throughout the world.  Even someone who never before read from this blog site will not be shocked by that prediction.  Why?

Why?  Because “terror” has been visiting our schools and churches on a regular basis for decades.  So much so that shootings and other types of calamities are no longer shocking.

But here’s the thing, folks.  It is about to get worse!  Much worse.

Lt. Colonel David Grossman, the author of numerous books, including “On Killing,” “On Combat,” The Bulletproof Mind,” and “The Assassination Generation,” and is internationally renowned as a law enforcement instructor (among many other things too numerous to articulate in this limited venue) predicted 9-11 and other terrorist-driven massacres.  Not that I want to compare myself in any way to this prolific expert, but I also predicted “a world class attack by a foreign  terrorist group on our soil in the next few years (at a clerical safety seminar in 1999 for the Pa. Board of Probation & Parole).  And, like Grossman, I have, in my posts on this site (and also in my other blog site, have cautioned educators, administrators and parents to upgrade their awareness of this coming danger and to upgrade their security-related training.


According to Grossman – and I agree – 98% of people in our country are sheep.  Nice people.  Pro-social, for the most.  These are those among us who need to be protected.  One-percent of our society are The Wolves.  These are the Evil Beings among us whose reason for being is to terrorize, rape, rob and/or kill the sheep.  And, finally, the other one-percent is comprised of The Sheepdog(s).  Sheepdogs are those who, when everyone else is running pell mell away from catastrophe and danger, are running toward that threat.  Sheepdogs are never in denial.  Their main motivation is to protect the sheep from the wolves among us.  Sheepdogs, by the way, are also nice (good) people.  They hold jobs and positions of responsibility.  They are soldiers, ;law enforcement, trainers like myself.

In times of mayhem a sheepdog is the person (an icon, in my mind) you may encounter, if you are lucky, while you are frightened for your safety or for that of your loved ones.  More likely than not, he is the one who will ask you, “Are you looking for a safe place?”  And to that, you will respond, “Yes I am.”

Well, then, get yourself behind me,” that Sheepdog will say.

In future posts I will go more into why Grossman and I – while hoping we are wrong – predicts that something very bad our way comes.  This forecast, like I said above, is based upon a cluster of  educated observations, studied speculations, and “hardened” trends based up[on the nefarious activities of ISIS, al qaeda and others throughout the world in the past decade.  Grossman calls some of these attacks on schools, day care facilities, school buses, houses of worship throughout Europe and the middle east tactical rehearsals for what they plan to do in the United States!

One more comment that I believe is relevant.  Whether it be this year (2017), the next, or five years from now, it matters little.  What does matter is that denial is the number one foe of our future safety!  

Until my next post on developing a Sheepdog Mindset & protecting our schools – from day care to elementary to high school and to colleges (not to mention our school buses), stay safe and think about this.

Again.  What could possibly be more devastating than an Active Killer (Shooter, Bomber, Arsonist) inside one of our Day Care Centers?  Attacking children and parents at a Little League game (yes, they are targets identified)?



Thank you for reading.

Harry The Hammer

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