Before you dismiss the above question as, Wait a second, Hammer, no schools were attacked in the Paris Massacres of Friday the 13th, consider the following:

Every one of the five or six targets that were hit tonight in Paris were Soft Targets.

I have been preaching this for years, and, believe me, these International Terrorist attacks are getting closer and closer to us.  There will be incidents, I am sure, but what I am concerned about is Isis and other groups have no intention of stopping at a mere incident.

What I am asking you to consider is, If you are a student, parent, teacher, administrator or campus security, be aware that you represent an ideal target, which is:

  • A target containing highly-valued, maybe even precious targets.  Namely children teens and innocent young adults.
  • You are easy to hit because
  • You are a Soft Target.
  • A mass shooting at a school would have a maximum shock value.

Message;  Become a Hard Target ASAP!  If you ask, how do we do that, just scroll back through my past posts on preparing for active shooters and such, including, but not limited to:

  • Coordinate with local and state police authorities.
  • Establish a chain-of-command designed to quickly and effectively respond to possible threats.
  • Establish escape routes/safe rooms, etc. designed to either evacuate, hide, and/or fight.
  • Establish communications protocols relative how to alert personnel, etc. in case of an attack.
  • Establish a plan of action (s), communicate that plan in writing.
  • Conduct realistic training and simulations to make certain everyone knows his/her/their roles, etc.
  • Consider hiring and training competent security (armed?).

Until the next post, please stay safe.



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