Parents Feel The Lack Of School Safety Information

At least that is how the parents in the neighborhoods of Chicago feel. A group called TARGET Area Development Corporation carried out a survey recently, the target of which was to determine the thoughts and sentiments of parents regarding school safety. WBEZ, also known as Chicago Public Radio, ran a report on the results of the survey:

At least 30 Chicago Public Schools students have been murdered since September. Most district parents reached in a survey said they’ve never received public-safety information about their local schools.

A South Side group called TARGET Area Development Corporation carried out the survey between October and December. Group members say they reached almost 1,400 parents in 43 Chicago neighborhoods and six suburbs nearby.

Seventy-two percent said the level of violence around their neighborhood’s schools had remained the same or gotten worse. Less than half said they’d received public-safety information about their schools.

Reverend Ron Taylor helped conduct the survey through his church, an Oak Lawn congregation called Disciples of Christ. He says the district could do more.

My thoughts – the number of students who have been murdered in the given span of time is astounding! Even worse, parents say that they have never received any public safety information. One does not have to be exceptionally smart to see that something is not right here. Children get MURDERED and no one is told about public safety measures?

I agree with what Reverend Taylor said: “Whether it’s phone calls to the home, whether it’s getting e-mail addresses, getting phone numbers and leaving automatic messages, something can be done.”

That is true. A simple system that would reach out to the community to disseminate public safety information would suffice. Telephone brigade perhaps? A mass e-mail? How hard can arranging this be? With the technology that we have today, spreading info on a large scale is practically effortless!
On the side of the school district, they say that “it’s made every attempt to get information to the public. Officials also point out that none of the murders has been on school grounds.” They do have a point in the second sentence – if none of the murders occurred within school property, is it still their duty to disseminate information on public safety?

I think that yes, they do have that responsibility to inform parents and families who might be affected. What is your opinion?

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