Oakland Tech Students Accosted By Armed Robbers

A recent incident has alarmed students, parents, and authorities in Oakland. In the morning of the 24th of March, Tuesday, four Oakland Tech students were held at gunpoint and robbed. The perpetrators are two young men, and they have since then been caught and arrested.

So what exactly happened? According to reports, the two armed robbers entered Oakland Tech around 8 am of the 24th. One of them had a gun on him. However, it was not in plain sight. They used this to threaten the four students though, and successfully pulled off a robbery.

The good thing is that those who were involved acted calmly and quickly. After they had gotten the possessions of the students, the robbers went to leave the premises. The students told a teacher, who then immediately alerted the campus security. The campus security then alerted Oakland Police, who was able to apprehend the robber as they departed from the school campus.

At the end of the day, no one was hurt, the suspects were caught, and I assume that the stolen things were returned. All in all, a good situation, right?

I cannot help but go back to one important point, however. How were these two men able to enter the school campus when they are not students? In fact, they have no affiliation with the school whatsoever. This means a security breach – the kind that we are all worried about. Even worse, they were able to bring in a deadly weapon – a gun!

The thing is, Oakland Tech is regarded as a relatively safe campus. That is, until now. With this kind of security breach, who is to say that nothing of a similar sort will happen in the future? I suppose that the immediate reaction – to beef up police presence in the campus – would help, but for how long will they be able to keep this up?

A long term action plan, with specific solutions to security would be a better route to take for the school authorities. And I think that this is what they are trying to do right now. As spokesperson Troy Flint said, “In addition, we have begun the process of a threat assessment to determine potential security gaps or flaws in protocol. It’s extremely likely this will result in some changes that constrict campus access to a certain degree, but specific determinations have not been made at this time.

At least they’re taking a step in that direction.

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