National School Safety Study Launched

We’ve heard of a slew of studies, seminars, and conferences with regard to school safety in the past year. I suppose it is but a natural thing to expect as we have had more than our share of school safety issues. Here’s another initiative that seems to stand out from the rest of the actions that we have been hearing about.

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has put its resources together with the American Association of School Administrators in order to carry out a risk mitigation assessment. This move was initiated by Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, which designed the questionnaire. The questionnaire was sent through an e-mail blast to the 14,000 members of the AASA last June 4. Comprised of 53 items, the questionnaire should be able to provide an accurate assessment of the status of school safety all across America. This should be done by the 27th of July.

More information from SourceSecurity:

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies recently announced that it kicked off a strategic alliance with the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) on June 4, when its 14,000 members receive an e-blast from the association asking them to complete a ‘risk mitigation assessment’ developed by Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. The results of the assessment will be rolled up to create the first-ever ‘National School Safety Study’, which is anticipated to have substantial implications for every community across America.

“Initially, we developed the risk mitigation assessment as a tool that individual schools and districts could use as a means to benchmark their security progress against similarly situated institutions,” says Beverly Vigue, vice president of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, education vertical market. “Ultimately, we realised that we had the means to ‘crunch the numbers’ and potentially influence public policy initiatives for school security across the country. At that point, we approached AASA and their leadership team immediately understood the value this project would have for its audience and their stakeholder groups.”

I always think it is a good thing when private entities do their part in helping with the school safety initiative. Though the government entities are capable of ensuring school safety, we all know that funding can be limited. And with a big company like Ingersoll Rand pitches in, it means less expense for the government – at least I’d like to think so. In any case, there is another aspect to this whole thing that impresses me.

For too long, Americans have dealt with school safety in a reactive mode, suffering collective and unspeakable anguish when tragedies occur. Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies and AASA view this partnership and the National School Safety Study as the first step in developing awareness that each of us can and should be engaged in proactive measures to ensure schools are safe environments for children, teachers and administrators.” – Beverly Vigue, VP of Ingersoll Rand, education vertical market.

Being proactive is something that we should all strive for.

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