Massachusetts Schools To Receive Safety Grant Money

Now this is the kind of news that I like reading about. Left and right, we hear people complaining that there isn’t enough funding for the proper school safety measures to be employed in our schools. We all know that we can’t always have an overflowing amount of cash so we have to make do with what we get sometimes. That is why when I hear of the government releasing more funds for the specific purpose of improving school safety, I think it is a good thing.

Apparently, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office has announced the recipients of this year’s funding for school safety. A report on narrates:

A total of $412,302.83 will be awarded, $26,000 of which will go to the Higgins Middle School, said Grant Woodman, a spokesperson at the Attorney General’s Office. Peabody was the only community on the North Shore to receive a portion of the grant money.

The award comes through the Improving School Climate Initiative and may be used for education, outreach, and peer mediation programs that support and improve the school’s climate for all students, teachers, and staff members.

“School and community safety is one of the most important priorities for residents of the Commonwealth,” said Attorney General Martha Coakley. “Creating a positive school climate — one in which all students, parents, faculty, and staff feel safe, valued, and accepted — is instrumental in reducing acts of violence and supporting education excellence. These grants offer the opportunity for schools and communities to support research-based programming that add to their violence prevention efforts.”

Recipients of this year’s grant money were schools and organizations that demonstrated community need and an intervention plan responsive to that need. They were also chosen based on their formation of a strong, creative, and collaborative violence prevention plan that included conflict resolution programs, efforts to address school policies, bullying prevention, and school/community wide education.

Some thoughts…the amount may seem large for an individual person but if you think about it being used for school safety, the amount could be a bit larger, don’t you think? Then again, I guess we should be happy that at least there is something. Another thing that I like about the whole scheme is that the funds were not awarded randomly but based on merit, which the schools had to work for.

Congratulations to these schools – I hope that the funds will be efficiently and effectively used!

Photo courtesy of pfala

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