Friday, November 13, 2015, ISIS terrorizes Paris by almost simultaneously hitting six soft targets, slaying over 153 innocent citizens (and scores of seriously wounded, many of whom may be added to the death list).  These targets included a soccer stadium offering over 80,000 potential victims, a high-end restaurant, a pizza palace, a rock concert venue, and another soft target that, frankly, I cannot remember.  Doesn’t matter what, the fact is that ISIS declared itself here in the West.  Declared its strategy, one I have predicted over and over.  It isn’t the high-end political targets, such as government centers and other hard targets that they intend to strike – although, that doesn’t mean they will not eventually attack those, if and when the ability and need somehow intersect – but the easy-to-strike targets where you and I – everyday people – congregate with their friends and loved ones – targets that, when struck, will strike fear and terror in the minds and hearts of everyone, and, in essence, make those in  our government centers feel helpless.

According to, the term Soft Target, “is a tactical term referring to any unarmed or undefended target, which can be a structure, automobile, person(s), school, mall, church, or any assembly of people…” who are vulnerable to attack.

The thing is, according to my police sources, “Jihadists like to attack soft targets.  Popular restaurants, hotels, churches, schools (Russia and Toulouse, France), even military installations (Fort Hood, Texas).”  Again, according to

“Here is the bottom line:  As long as there are Jihadis hell-bent on terror, Soft Targets will be their killing fields.”


Frankly, I don’t know.  Not exactly.  But I can come to some educated conclusions.  Many schools have imposed some security measures.  Brought in trained resource officers and installed electronic deterrents.  Nothing sophisticated, but, in order to storm a secure (Hard Target, or at least a semi-hard target) school,more likely than not, a terrorist – now, remember, there are hundreds, if not thousands of lone-wolf ISIS-inspired terrorists in this country, including many high school and college students who are disenchanted and (dangerous) misanthropes, who have the ability to enter your school and attack and or facilitate an attack – would have to spend considerable time and energy entering that structure.

Finally, consider this:  Let’s discount the legions of home-grown terrorists and students who are discontented enough to replicate (copy cat?) the Paris attacks.  Although the schools themselves might be able to tighten up their security, offer some relevant and realistic simulation training, maybe arm their security (most schools, by the way, do not have their own campus security, or, in the case of my local colleges, do not have the type of competent security people capable of handling any kind of serious aggressive behavior (a student disturbance at a basketball game, for instance), let alone any semblance of serious (terrorists-type) gun play, arson, or explosive-device attack!), let me ask this:

What about your school buses?

What about unsecured events like school proms, or regular dances or social events? attended by our children and young adults, whom, if attacked and killed will earn the terrorists big-bucks media coverage, which, after all, is what they are after)?  What about events like graduation ceremonies, again attended by hundreds of parents, relatives, friends, children and young adults, often in vulnerable stadiums compressing many easy (soft) targets together?

Day Care Centers?

Just something to consider.

Until my next depressing post, stay safe.

The Hammer

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