Howdy. After about 35 years as a Pennsylvania peace officer, I retired (May of 2004) and started Action Fighting Arts, a law enforcement and civilian subject control and self defense training system. I founded AFA on the foundation of professional and personal threat management skills I learned and refined as a Pa. state parole agent and use of force instructor for the Pa. Board of Probation and Parole. The threat management system I teach and write about in my blogs include a panoply of crucial skills I refined over several decades as an Advanced Verbal Judo, Firearms and Advanced De-Escalation Techniques Instructor. I am also one of only two Pennsylvania-based PPCT Instructor Trainers in Defensive Tactics; Spontaneous Knife Defense; Inmate Control; Ground Avoidance and Ground Escapes; Sexual Harassment Assault and Rape Prevention; Violent Patient Management and Disruptive Student Management. Since I retired I have also become a Kid Escape, Date Escape and Bully Escape Instructor and am in the process of writing several E-Books on these subjects and am developing a PPCT Instructor training program for PPCT Management Systems, Inc. on the Management of Workplace Violence. I am proud to be a small part of the Keep Schools Safe Blog. I will be posting my thoughts and positions on any issue, concept, principle and of course technique that will promote the safety of students, security staff and our educational (sites and) staff across the U.S.A. Looking forward to talking to you.

Website: http://www.ActionFightingArts.com