A Look at the FBI Active Shooter Study, 2013

Nothing like being the angel of bad news, but, I believe it is far worse to bury our collective heads in the sand.  Meaning, here we are about a month into the school season and we haven’t had an active shooter event so far.  But, still—-

What better time for a look at the latest FBI Study on the catastrophic phenomenon we call the active shooter.

Since the year 2000 through 2013 there have been 160 incidents resulting in 1043 casualties, including 486 killed and 557 wounded.  Other findings include the fact that all but six were perpetrated by boys and/or men and only two of the events involved more than one shooter.  Ninety, or more than half, ended on the shooter’s initiative, including suicide or flight.  Twenty-one incidents ended when a citizen(s) and/or intended victim restrained the shooter.

Law enforcement were only able to engage the shooter in 45 incidents and in 21 of those 9 officers were slain and 23 wounded.

The largest percentage of these took place in commercial environments (73%), while 24.3% took place in an educational setting.

A sobering conclusion of this and other studies I have reviewed agree that workplaces must do more to ready their staffs for possible future rage-shooting events.  I hope to delve into some of the protocols, policies and procedures our schools can take to assure they will not become part of these statistics in 2014 and beyond.

Until then, stay safe.


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