This is Part II of my post concerning our educational workplaces and the seemingly unending spate of ISIS-inspired massacres. In this post I thought I would talk a bit about what specifically schools must do to affectively prepare our teachers, professors, security staff, and, of course, student bodies for a jihadi-type attack. I bet, by now, anyone who consistently follows my posts here, I fear, are growing a little tired of my doomsday predictions and ruminations about active shooters and our schools.  Well, quite frankly, so am I.  If I could lie to myself and then try to delude you, The Reader, I would gladly do it. But for me the painting on the wall is blood red. The future has turned a little ugly.  We have moved from disenchanted, disenfranchised, and/or insane American citizens storming our schools with weapons and murder in their hearts, to what I believe is a seemingly organized campaign by foreign terrorist amalgamating with men and women indoctrinated by an insane and demented (but highly committed and determined) ideology.  Men and women who create a breed of miscreant we might not be geared right now to stop. Don’t get me wrong.  We will stop them.  But, for now, we must have a better plan.


Schools might consider running counter-shooter drills the same way they run fire drills.  Fire Drills are what I consider Dynamic Simulations designed to inoculate students, teachers, security, first responders, and others to the stresses they will encounter when an active shooter or terrorist (does it really matter what the shooter’s affiliations or motivations are when he, she, they are striding through a classroom methodically sweeping everyone in sight with automatic fire?  I think not)  Another designation for this type of training is Stress Inoculation.

Whatever type of training your school(s) is/are running, unless it involves Stress Inoculation, in my opinion and in the opinion of international counter-terrorism experts, that school’s program probably will not be adequately prepared to stop the new breed of mass murderers.  Insane and determined monsters who spend the majority of their time arduously considering how they can kill the maximum number of people in the softest (locations with little or no security) targets they can hit!

Dynamic Simulation (Scenario) Training is Realistic and is totally immersed in Stress Inoculation.  Simply and briefly stated, this means that the program I would set up and administer for schools and other workplaces would be super-realistic; inexpensive; designed so that the participants could encounter realistic, life or death situations with no chance of injury; and capable of teaching participants how to manage outrageous threats while undergoing debilitating survival stress.

Think about this:  no matter how sophisticated and thorough  an active shooter training might be, no matter what skills are taught, unless a person has already been inoculated against the sites, sounds (blood curdling screams, torn bodies, excrement, et al.), smells and other sensations, the trainees will not be able to remember and/or carry out any of the life-preserving skills they were taught.

Until the next post, please stay safe.


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